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“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”

― Thomas Edison

Everyone who know Lila Byrd knows that she loves to smile (for the most part ha)-until she sees my camera. That girl can drop her grin in a nano second. I find it pretty funny at this point, well most days. But as a mom and a photographer I continue to try and catch that smile that Tom and I know and love…

Her sweet great grandmother and namesake, Lillian or aka Granlil to us kids, shared with us a dress that she wore when she was about Lila’s age. We loved hearing the the story of Granlil wearing this fine silk frock that her favorite aunt made by hand. She said she has a special photo of her wearing it and smiling at the camera under a tree. Mission accepted-I wanted a photo of Lila just like that. I would frame the two side by side and be just so proud of myself. Ha well like Thomas Edison’s quote from above I have not reached my goal exactly like I had hoped but so far have had a lot of fun trying. Here are a few failed attempts but still happy memories of getting Lila to smile under a tree twirling in her great grandmothers dress!

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Every day with Lila she has shown Tom and I that sometimes a different path than what you set out on is not always that bad either…

Happy Friday Everyone!