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“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” Duke Ellington

Remember back just a few weeks ago when it was so hot we thought we would never feel falls refreshing breeze, well one of those 100 plus days just happened to be the day we met to photograph Emme’s Six Month Session! Erin and I both arrived at the session and said it wasn’t this hot a minute ago and laughed! We laughed until it made us too hot to think! When faced with a problem (intense heat) what do you do, just go with it and have as much fun as possible! We pretended we were at the beach and even popped in a cool refreshing building for some relief. With that being said only a family as cool as the Wills could still look this happy and beautiful! I love their colors and smiles and silliness. Check out just a few of my favorites from Emme’s Six Month Session!

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Hoping today is both warm (but not too warm) and happy for you all!