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“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.”
― Arthur Rubinstein

Dear George-we adore you and your big smiles!

Sometimes a three month session can be challenging. My sweet little ones are not quite doing the things that they can do and show off at our six month sessions and yet they want to. They are starting to have their own personalities and I can see just how much they want to show off but just don’t know how to yet. These are skills that they develop between the three and six month sessions that never cease to amaze me. Well with that being said Sir George knew I was coming and he brought out the charm. He showed me he is just as adorable as his big brother Andrew but his own little person already. Check out just a few of my favorites of George at his three month session!

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George the world continues to marvel at you and all you do. Can’t wait to photograph you again soon!