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“The truest expression of a people is in its dances and its music.”

― Agnes De Mille

People always tell you to enjoy being a mom becomes it all goes by way too fast. Most days I agree. (smile) Lila and I have always loved to get out and go for walks. I love that her newest favorite thing for us to do is, put my iphone in the center of this parks gazebo, and have our late afternoon dance parties. This special Mommy and Daughter time together (no matter how extremely foolish I know I look) will be forever imprinted in my heart. These quick snapshots are just another way for me to look back and remember exactly how she looked, how the sun was setting which meant it was almost time to race home and cook dinner for our wonderful Daddy, and how being a mom allows you to do just about anything in this world to make your child smile.

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