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“Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing,
you will be successful.”
– Albert Schweitzer

Spending this first year with the Magid family and watching Ben grow up right before my eyes has brought me such happiness and joy. This family is so fun and so beautiful. I found myself always excited to see what fun we would have at the next three month session. We started here and look how much our Ben has grown…

As you can see this first year has been such a joy for me to photograph. I have loved every minute with this family. Benny boy and his adorable Big Sister Sydney Rose are full of love and big hugs! Check out a few of my favorite images from our Twelve Month Session!

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Benny Boy you and your family have stolen my heart! I cannot wait to document and be apart of your family for many years to come!