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Another beautiful beautiful baby girl was born this year and I am the luckiest lady ever to get to photograph my dear Miss Mary McCullen Hott. During this special first year, every three months,  I get to love, play, and document for mom dad their sweet baby as she grows and changes right before our eyes!

This beautiful child is the baby of one of my oldest (Elementary School to be exact!) friends Elizabeth Weeks Hott! It was such a joy to be pregnant and have little girls around the same time. Elizabeth was a vision at this newborn session. I love this image of her and Mary McCullen snuggling like only a mommy and baby can.

Despite just being a few weeks old Mary McCullen didn’t want to miss a second of our photo shoot and was awake and happy the entire time! She is my super baby!

And in a blink I found myself photographing her Three Month Session!

She has her mothers beautiful eyes…

My Little Mary McCullen I cannot wait until our Six Month Session!