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I know I know– I have not blogged about my Lila like you guys have asked but we are busy. When I am not working we are playing, looking, and learning! Our Lila Byrd has been on the grow! Here are some quick images to catch you up on all our fun…

Here is Lila during her first snow just a few weeks old!

Smelling and looking sweet after a bath!

Trying to sit up and explore the world way before Mom and Dad are ready…

In her Easter Finest!

Tom and Lila were not big fans of the hat but I thought it was awesome!

Lila and her buddies Luke and Sophie!

Hamming it up for Mommy!

Dressed in our sun hat for one of our favorite adventures-a long walk!

Lila doing what she is famous for…not sleeping!

Lila is our good eater and sings for her supper every night!

Lila on her Holy Baptism, May 9, 2010

Lila Byrd brings us so much joy and Tom and I laugh more now than we could have ever imagined! More pics to come!