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Event: Arts in Action

Location: Frank Porter Graham Elementary Chapel Hill, NC


March 4th was a big day for me. It was my first ABP session since my sweet Lila Byrd was born. I was excited, nervous (about leaving my little byrd), and honestly not sure how it would feel to be “back”. Well if you guys know me you know that I think God always knows exactly what he is doing and he planned for my first session back to be with my Arts in Action family. I realized I have been photographing this awesome non profit for four years now. (Thanks Lisa Kang and Lisa Van Deman!). This non profit brings happiness, dance, and the excitement of learning new things to our schools and our kids. As I said it was the perfect session back…

These kids just melt your heart with their excitement. You can’t help put sing along and dance around. And yes its much harder to shoot when you are dancing around like a crazy person! But its so much fun!

Thanks again Arts in Action Family for making my first day ‘back’ to work so wonderful! I am looking forward to another great performance this week with you guys!