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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while you could miss it.”
― Matthew Broderick as Ferris Buller, “Ferris Buller’s Day Off”

Who doesn’t love Ferris Buller and his wisdom? I have to admit I have followed this quote quite well lately. Where have I been, having the time of my life with a little byrd of my very own. Lillian Colette Byrd, Lila, was born about a week early on December 29th. She decided she wanted to be here to ring in the New Year with us! Since the 29th I have been working hard and learning each day the most important role I have ever had, being a mother. In my work as a photographer I closely work and watch mothers and their children and have always been so amazed at the relationship between the two. Even being a part of so many families lives and special moments-nothing truly prepared me for this adventure of being someone else’s mom. So friends this is the view from my ABP office lately…Lila in her sling as I try to get work done.


Here are some images of our little Lila when we first brought her home.

lila-blog-6 lila-blog-8

Lila was ready for our first photo shoot! Here are a few of my favorites.

lila-blog-7 lila-blog-3

Here is a peak into her nursery.


The amazingly beautiful canvas of the bird nest above her changing table and the three gorgeous canvases above her crib were painted by the fabulous muralist Loren Pease. Check out more of her work at She created for us exactly what I had always dreamed of for our baby byrd’s nursery. Thank you again Loren! I don’t know who loves it more, Tom and I or Lila. She just stares at the colors and just talks and coos at her birds and the nest.

This little byrd loves her miracle blanket-and for those of you out there who do not have kids yet it truly is a miracle. Thanks again Aunt Karlye for all your endless wisdom and love and for helping us figure out how to get her in there.


Tom and I blinked and the next thing we knew, Lila was growing right before our very eyes…




Lila has shown us how the most simple and mundane things can bring you so much joy and love. She especially loves her bath time!


And for all of you out there who would even question it-yes she is through and through a Tar Heel! (She has already shown her optimism and dedication to the Heels cheering away this season!) That is my girl Lila!


Thanks Aunt Cara and Uncle Ant for my awesome cheerleader uniform and all your hugs and cuddles!

We had the best time with her Birth Announcement. Check out our girl!

This is the front.

And the back.

Thank you all for all your endless calls, emails, visits, food, gifts, and most importantly your prayers and love! This is only the beginning of this amazing adventure and we love having you all as part of the Byrd Family! More to come!