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Hello and Happy Holidays Everyone!

Sorry I have not blogged in so long but it has been non stop here at ABP trying to wrap up all my 2009 sessions and holiday orders so I can get ready for Baby Byrds arrival! Hooray! I hope you guys have enjoyed this wonderful holiday season and taken the time to relax and enjoy it all!

Over the next few weeks I hope to catch you guys up on some fun ABP sessions that I have not blogged about yet. Harper Jane Vick is a fantastic way for me to start. Photographing her and documenting how fast she is growing has brought me so much joy this year. She is pretty wonderful and makes the late night editing so much fun when I see her little smiles. ABP has photographed Miss Harper Jane every three months since her birth. You may remember her Newborn session.

Check out how much she had grown at our Three Month Session!



At our Six Month Session she only continued to captivate me. She was crawling and smiling and her little personality was emerging right before my eyes. Can you see it?

HJV Blog Horzt 6 5
HJV Blog Horzt 6 3
HJV Blog Vert 6 2 HJV Blog Vert 6 1
HJV Blog Horzt 6 4
HJV Blog Horzt 6 1

Isn’t it amazing the changes in such a short period of time!

Blog N36 Combo

Ok now on to the latest session we just had in December. Check out Harper Jane at Nine Months!

HJV 9 9 HJV 9 8
HJV 9 7
HJV 9 1
HJV 9 2
HJV 9 3
HJV 9 6
HJV 9 10 HJV 9 12
HJV 9 13

Too much fun! Harper Jane I can’t wait to see you and have more fun with you in the New Year!