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As many of you know Tom and I are high school sweethearts. We have grown up together and have been there for each other through it all. The challenges of high school, applying to college, the crazy late nights and life in college, stepping into our first careers, getting married, me changing careers and pursuing the joys and pains of starting my own business, you name it.

You might remember our Christmas card from last year.


It celebrated the fact that we bought a new home and were crazy enough to tackle moving in the week of Christmas! It was too much fun. But with photography the fall/winter is one of the busiest times of the year! I couldn’t even think of moving in until all your Christmas orders were complete and delivered. Well Tom and I joked about what in the world we would do next year to make Christmas as crazy as we did in 2008…well if I have had the pleasure and honor of a portrait session with you lately you might already know by looking at me!

Tom and I are expecting our first Baby Byrd the first of the New Year! We are so excited and have been so blessed. I have felt great and I am still busy busy busy shooting and working away. I appreciate all the love from those of you who have seen me and know. My friends and family at Amber Byrd Photography have been so great and so supportive! Thank you. This Thanksgiving we feel so blessed and have so much to celebrate, appreciate and give thanks for. I truly do consider it my honor to be a part of your life, family, and beautiful milestones. I am so thankful for each of you and look forward to more fun together in the coming years!

Even though my place is behind the lens you know I had to practice what I preach and have a few Maternity images to document this wonderful and unique time in our lives. Two amazing photographer friends came out and we had a blast (well I did more than Tom). I wanted to capture and document for Baby Byrd to one day see– yes– we were young and happy and oh so in love! The first four are from Jess Berowitz from J and J Photography. And the second set is from Jennifer Haygood at J.B. Haygood Photography. They did an awesome job and we love that you can feel our excitement and love for our future Baby Byrd.



-J&J Photography- (family) (commercial)

jen-blog-image-3 jen-blog-image-2



J.B. Haygood Photography

Thanks again and again for all your love and support. I cannot wait to meet our Baby Byrd. I know we will learn so much from her and I will gain a new perspective from being a parent. I hope this will help me become an even better photographer and help me capture those special moments for you all in the New Year.

I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful Thanksgiving! Give lots of love and thanks to those around you! I can’t wait!

And just for the record we hope to have a quiet and calm Christmas next year! The last two have been filled with enough excitement to hold us over for quite a while…
but you never know right. πŸ™‚